A Christmas Carol:Scrooge by Charles Dickens,

adapted by Larry D. Quiggins


Show dates: December 16-19, 2004



Shelley Michael


Assistant Director

Josh Thompson


Set Design

Billy Worboys, Shelley Michael



Broadway Costumes, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Shelley Michael, Becky Fly, Emily Brown, Gail Johnson, Union University


Stage Manager

Brenda Poteet


Assistant Stage Manager

Esther Gray



Terry Bivens


Effects & Sound Design

Shelley Michael, Billy Worboys






April Anderson

Martha Cratchit, Townsfolk


David Burke

Marley’s Ghost, Merchant 1 (Rich), Townsfolk


Will Bell

Chestnut Vendor


Reid Benson

Urchin 5


Luke Burk

Lost Soul, Man 1, Guest 4, Townsfolk


Gloria Duncan

Merchant 2 (Rich), Townsfolk


Claire Edwards

Guest 3, Townsfolk


Courtney Friddle

Belinda Cratchit


Emily/Olivia Friddle

Girl (Homeless), Townsfolk


Kasey Greene

Fran, Townsfolk


Katie Hamilton

Bess Halloway, Townsfolk


Alex Hayes

Urchin 4, Boy Thomas


Annabeth Hayes

Elizabeth Cratchit


Holly Hayes

Urchin 2


Jake Hayes

Urchin 6 (shared lines), Boy James


Jennifer Hayes

Mrs. Toy Vendor


Katie Hayes

Belle, Townsfolk


Marty Hayes

Mr. Toy Vendor


Bailey Howell

Daughter (Belle’s), Townsfolk


Jeff Howell

Bob Cratchit


Donna Jacobi

Mrs. Cratchit, Citizen


Sam Jacobi

Tiny Tim Cratchit


Callen Lovelace

Child with Ghost of Christmas Present


Chuck Lovelace

Ghost of Christmas Present, Business Man 2


Darren Michael

Ebenezer Scrooge


Jared New

Fred Halloway, Lost Soul


Susan Paris

Woman, Mother (Homeless), Townsfolk


Sydney Paris

Boy (Cast as Girl), Townsfolk


Brandon Perry

Urchin 3, Boy Dick Wilkins


Chris Pope

Man 2, Lost Soul, Guest 2, Townsfolk


Tracy Raine



Diann Robinson

Porridge Vendor 1


Bo Salmon

Y. M. Scrooge, Ghost of Christmas Future, Townsfolk


Carl Seely

Doctor, Townsfolk


Billy Worboys

Mr. Scrooge, Sr., Business Man 1, Father (Homeless)


Roger Stanfield

Merchant 3 (Rich), Lost Soul, Townsfolk


Hannah Talley

Ghost of Christmas Past, Emily


J.D. Thompson

Belle’s Son, Townsfolk


Josh Thompson

Peter Cratchit


Krista Tutor

Porridge Vendor 2


Daisye Tutor-New

Little Fran, Townsfolk


Kai Tutor-New

Child with Ghost of Christmas Present


Quin Tutor-New

Urchin 1


Ashley Veroneau

Mrs. Fezziwig, Guest 1, Townsfolk


Jeremy Young

Mr. Fezziwig, Topper, Lost Soul, Townsfolk