A progressive white couple's proud liberal sensibilities are put to the test when their daughter, fresh from an overseas romance, brings her Afro-American fiancé home to meet them. Personal beliefs clash with the societal underpinnings of the late 60's in this warm and witty exploration of family and culture. Knowing which of them has the greater hold on our hearts is the question to be answered.



Christina Drayton

Dana Poteete


Matt Drayton

David Lundgren


Joanna Drayton

Megan Christoferson


Doctor John Prentice

Ontoni Reedy


Matilda Binks

Sally Dickerson



Beth Gobbell


Monsignor Ryan

Lanny Poteet


John Prentice Sr.

Keith Davis


Mary Prentice

Carrie Knox





Billy Worboys


Assistant Director

Clay Elliot


Stage Manager

Christie Elliot


Box Office

Kristen McKenney



Cassidy Sheppard

Becky Fly


Set Design

Billy Worboys



Terry Bivens





Cast Description



Christina Drayton: Female


Runs the Drayton Art Gallery. Has taught her daughter-Joey to treat everyone as equals but her belief in those teachings is challenged when she meets Joey's fiancee - John, an Afro-American doctor. Christina is fiercely loving and determined to keep her daughter in her life.

ETHNICITY: Caucasian




Matt Drayton: Male


Publisher of a San Francisco newspaper and a workaholic. Although a journalist and a liberal he finds reason to disapprove of Joey and John’s marriage.

ETHNICITY: Caucasian




Joanna Drayton: Female


“Joey” recently interned for a medical research hospital in Hawaii. She is bold and stubborn in her love for John and unwavering in her plans to marry him.

ETHNICITY: Caucasian




Doctor John Prentice: Male


A medical research doctor. Very thoughtful and aware of the ramifications of his relationship with Joey. Though cautious with his approach to her parents, he's determined and hopeful but ultimately will not marry Joey without winning her parents’ approval.

ETHNICITY: African American




Matilda Binks: Female


“Tillie” has worked twenty-seven years as a domestic for the Draytons, suspicious of John, she is loyal and protective of the Drayton family.

ETHNICITY: African American




Hilary St. George: Female


Associate director of the Drayton Gallery, an employee of Christina’s and happens to be working at the house when Joanna arrives with John, her casually racist remarks push Christina to fire her.

ETHNICITY: Caucasian




Monsignor Ryan: Male


Longtime family friend of the Draytons, blunt and sees no issue with Joey and John’s marriage, calmly gives Christina and Matt reasons to approve of the relationship.

ETHNICITY: Caucasian




John Prentice Sr.: Male


A schoolteacher, protective and proud of his son, John, he at first strongly disapproves of the marriage as he sees it a threat to all John has worked and built for himself.

ETHNICITY: African American




Mary Prentice: Female


Department store clerk, having seen the hurt her son, John, has felt, she can neither approve nor disapprove of the marriage but is highly concerned about her son’s heart.

ETHNICITY: African American