Ticket prices for our 2018-19 season will be $18 at the door.


You can enjoy our entertainment at a discounted price by purchasing a season subscription. Our subscriptions are good for the entire season and are flexible to suit your needs.


Would you like to use all of your tickets on one show? Fine with us! Prefer to see it all by using your subscription little by little throughout the year? Go for it! You can use your subscription whenever you like and for whomever you like, as long as it’s within our current season.


And if you’re searching for a unique gift for someone who appreciates the arts, a full season of great entertainment is the answer. We have plenty of options for you to choose from, so figure out which one works best for you, and join the JTG!





8 RESERVED seats for any regular season show

4 Preview Party Passes

Name recognition in our program

A reminder sent to verify your attendance plans


This is our most prestigious option - perfect if enjoy Preview Parties and good seats! This subscription is also ideal for businesses who enjoy entertaining their clients or who just like to reward their staff with something special. Like all of our passes, the benefits are flexible so use it however you like. Additionally, this option does not have an enrollment deadline, so take advantage of our Benefactor Pass by clicking the Buy Now button above.





16 seats for any regular season show

Name recognition in our programs


If you love to entertain or enjoy group outings, our flexible Patron Pass is your best option. Offering more regular-season tickets than any other subscription, it is perfect for hosting any visiting friends and family, rewarding dedicated employees, or bringing first-time playgoers to the JTG. The enrollment period for this subscription is from November to April, so if you’ve missed out on this opportunity for the current season, call the office to reserve a pass for next year.





8 seats for any regular season show


This option is perfect for just about anyone who simply loves a night of theatre. Affordable and flexible, it’s just enough seats to see the entire season with someone special, or take your whole family out to that one show you just can’t miss! This option is an ideal gift and a great deal, but get your pass early: the enrollment period is November through April. If you’ve missed the deadline, contact us about next year’s season or consider our other Pass options.






6 tickets to be used at any show in the season

A great premium for your employees or valued customers!

Name recognition in program




Occasionally we offer special promotions and hold social events outside of our regular season shows.

Information about these events is always posted on our homepage, so check back often. Better yet, Join Our Mailing List to make sure you get your reminder.